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We provide free pages for local associations, clubs and charities. Authorised users can post on this site to publish news, comments or stories and anyone is welcome to add items to the events calendar.

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  1. Peter Kirby
    Left Uckfield in 1960 to marry my Welsh Sweetheart I have been strolling round some of my old haunts via google the surrounding countryside is as lovely as ever what has happened to the old town of my youth I hardly recognised it that’s progress for you I cant say I like it too much red brick for my taste but you cant please grumpy old men loved the place as a child couldn’t afford the price of that red brick now kindest regards to anyone who may remember me at 5 framfield road

  2. Our School is trying to trace former students and staff and learn more of the history of the school.

    We believe that Major General G P B Roberts was a student here at Shrewsbury House around 1919 and that he is buried in nearby Mayfield in 1997.

    He married in the 1930s and had four children, two boys (Nicholas who married Sarah and they had two sons of their own George and Charlie, and George who we think married in Uckfield in the 1980s?) We wondered if they are in the area as we would love to get in touch with the family to learn more about him.

    Does anyone know of the family? Any help would be much appreciated! – Mr Sean Smart, c/o Shrewsbury House School, Surbiton, Surrey

  3. Unfortunately, Uckfield has no public toilets, unlike so many other towns and villages. It seems to be beyond the capabilities of Uckfield and Wealden Councils to facilitate such an important town feature. Visitors and residents are so disappointed

  4. Hi all-thinking of moving into the area and just wondering if anyone can give me any advice.
    Are there plans to increase trains to london-are there likely to be faster trains in future.
    Looks like a lovely area and well situated-any tips would be much appreciated!

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