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4 May 2009
Work on building a flood wall to protect an East Sussex town is getting under way this week.


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Live Web Cam show the river Uck -
by Phormium IT

August 2010 - Flash floods after 25mm of rain fell in an hour. 2010

OCTOBER 12th 2000 - "Worst flood for forty years"

roadends.jpg (145046 bytes)
Uckfield high street 9:00am. Later in the day lifeboat rescue teams motor up and down the street!

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The river bursts its banks
at Shortbridge, but one
eager delivery driver
is determined to get

call999.jpg (98990 bytes)signpost.jpg (154129 bytes)

Closer view of the shopping centre. shopping.jpg (54871 bytes)
nogoarea.jpg (208325 bytes) The rising river Uck.